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  • birthday

  • Sleepy Girls 6/365

    It was a busy weekend full of fun, family and friends. The girls and I were worn out so I just snapped a quick shot before bed.

  • Poor Lacey 5/365

    I decided to change Lacey's lip color today and that was quite a process. She is relieve it's over and demanding cookies.

  • How to Get Rid of a Gnome

    Olivia to the gnome: "Have you ever been to Paris? Have you been to Hawaii? Have you been to Disney Land? Can you spell Mississppi? I can: Missi-ss-i-ss-i-ss-i-ss….."

  • Northern Parula Warbler

    Seen on South Padre Island

  • Bubbles' Garden 3/365

    Bubbles: Can I sleep here tonight? It's nice and comfy and smells good, too! 3/365 for the A Doll A Day group

  • The Window

    Taken while hiking in the Chisos Mountains. A hike that went up and up very steeply!

  • Bed and Bunnies for Bee 2/365

    The best thing about returning home from a long trip is sleeping in you own bed! 2/365 for the A Doll A Day group here

  • Hitty Sol Returns 1/365

    Hitty Sol is glad to be home after traveling with us for three months. She is busy telling the other Hittys all about her trip. Now that we are home I will attempt another 365. No harm in trying! Follow along in the A Doll A Day group here on ipernity…

  • Me at the Rio Grande

    I'm always behind the camera, but hubby took this one with his phone. It was taken in Big Bend with the Rio Grande behind me and Mexico on the other side.

  • Home

    The view at home isn't too bad and a welcome sight after three months of travel.

  • Chiricahua Sunset

    No photo processing done at all on this one.

  • acorn woodpecker

    In a yard in Portal, Arizona.

  • Mexican Jay

    This one crossed the border to check out our picnic lunch. Seen in the Chiricahua Mountains of SE Arizona.

  • Happy Cactus

    Two years ago this same cactus plant looked dead. Just a little rain brought it back to life.

  • Vermillion Flycatcher

    These lovely little birds were all over the place at our campground in Big Bend.

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