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  • 52/52 The Photographer.

    Well, if the human can do it... so can the collie! Can't believe a whole year's gone by already :)

  • 51/52 Have a Paw-fect Christmas!

  • 50/52 Flooded Lake

    Barney at the old quarry, now called Earnslaw Lake... During the summer, there's a path round the edge, in winter, most of it is submerged!

  • 49/52

    Barney likes to spend the long winter nights slowly cooking himself by the fire ;-)

  • 48/52

    Barney & Lyra pausing for a moment on the hill... It really was only a moment though, they were busy busy busy most of the walk - especially Lyra, she rarely seems to stop!

  • 47/52

    Sitting on a leafy carpet :) Love Barney's eyes!

  • 46/52 Yummy!

    I made honey cake earlier this week & both Elsie-cat & Barney-dog were milling around asking for a taste of the mix. So after I'd put it in to bake, I let them lick them each have a lick of spoon :)

  • 45/52 Avebury

    Barney at Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire. It is absolutely huge... an amazing place to visit :)

  • 44/52 Happy Birthday Barney!

    On Halloween this year, Barney celebrated his 8th birthday :)

  • 43/52 Sunshine & Rain

  • 42/52

    Barney gives me the "throw the toy NOW!" stare... I'd got distracted because I'd just realised my boot was leaking!

  • 41/52 Fetch!

    Barney was having a blast racing around on the hills this afternoon with his little buddy Chance.

  • Divided

    Chance wouldn't go into the water... she just chased Barney up & down edge of the lake!

  • 40/52 Hiding

    Dog? What dog? This is just a photo of some nice autumnal leaves ;-)

  • 39/52 Double Trouble

    Barney with his new little pal, Chance! Chance is an extremely adorable 5 month old "show-type" border collie :) Barney was a bit surprised by her arrival but in the end, decided she was pretty fun to have around! Sadly, she isn't mine but belongs to som…

  • 38/52 Story Time

  • 37/52 Black & White

    Black & white Barney-dog sitting on some nice old black & white tiles I found outside a shop in town.

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