Lunch at Culvers

Retreat - 2007

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  • Hotel

  • Hotel Room

  • Lunch at Culvers

    Colleen Julie Shari Meari Michelle *Photo courtesy of Debra

  • Busy Stitchn' 01

    Colleen, Julie, Katie, Debra, Meari, and Michelle *Photo courtesy of Shari

  • Busy Stitchn' 02

    Colleen, Julie, Annette, Katie, Debra, and Meari *Photo courtesy of Shari

  • Busy Stitchn' 04

    Shari, Colleen, Julie, and Annette *Photo courtesy of Shari

  • Busy Stitchn' 05

    Shari, Colleen, and Julie -- Obviously something was *very* funny!

  • Vickie - Queen of Frogging

    Since Vickie did the most frogging, she was awarded this cute little frog. Doesn't she look proud? LOL *Photo courtesy of Debra

  • Joe's Crab Shack

    *Photo courtesy of Shari

  • Joes' Crab Shack - Group Photo

    Katie, Michelle, Julie, Shari, Kim, Karin, Vickie, Colleen, and Meari *Photo courtesy of Shari

  • Vickie

    Vickie showing off the calamari. Yum!! *Photo courtesy of Shari

  • Donations List

    These are all the desingers who donated stash for our retreat. *Photo courtesy of Debra

  • Stashy Gifts 01

    Stash donated by over 50 designers.

  • Stashy Gifts 02

    More stash donated by designers.

  • Stashy Gifts 03

    Yet more stash donated by designers! 3 skeins of Six Strand Sweets: Jelly Beans, Dragonfruit, Valentine Steamer 4 skeins of GAST: Evergreen, Flax, Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate 1 skein of Old Willow: Leaves

  • Going Thru Stash

    Vickie, Shari, and Michelle *Photo courtesy of Debra

  • Enchanted Fabrics Gift

    Lori from Enchanted Fabrics was a surprise guest at the retreat. She brought each of us a package of her hand-dyed fabric. I picked Merlot. It's gorgeous!

  • Group Photo

    Shari, Natalie, Renee, Karin, Michelle, Debra, Vickie, Annette, Lori from Enchanted Fabrics, Meari, Julie, Kim, Colleen, Katie, Karen Kluba from Rosewood Manor *Photo courtesy of Debra

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