Two-Buck Chuck naps near the tent


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  • Two-Buck Chuck naps near the tent

    Some years, up at our mountain meadow, we have camp deer. We don’t know why. We never feed them, and we are very fastidious with our garbage. Still, they hang very close. They seem to trust us, but they flee and hide when strange backpackers pass by.…

  • Well, Hello Mr. Frog!

    Cascade Frog, Rana cascadae I was happy to come across this guy in the Trinity Alps of northern California, my little antibiotic frog. Cascade frogs are rapidly disappearing in California.

  • Another old book:

    Here's a much-read book that went North in 1917 on a beautiful sailing ship called The Star of Alaska. The book's owner was a tall 17-year-old kid who was on his way to work in the copper mine at Kennicott, and who stayed long enough to become a sourdou…

  • From the California Gold Rush:

    Here's an odd little Book of Psalms in verse. It crossed the thousand miles between St. Louis and San Francisco in 1850. In the pocket of a nine year old girl named Kate, my ancestor, who walked the whole way behind a covered wagon. (Only in movies did…

  • And the winner is...

    Decided to look at my little collection of photos of supremely ugly motel-hotel interiors. (I presume the concept is: if it's ugly enough, it may not be stolen.) And here, folks, is the winner, a lamp in a rather upscale tourist hotel in Hilo, Hawaii.

  • Camouflage

    Does it matter that you are trimmed in brilliant turquoise? Western fence lizard, Northern California coast.

  • San Francisco

  • My Lifetime Companion

    Madam Pholcus , the Cellar or Ceiling Spider, worldwide cobweb maker, who shares my house with me 50-50. I know this because long ago, when I was young and stupid, I listened to a (highly educated) hippy back-to-the-lander. He told me that I should not…

  • Bixby Bridge

    Hi, you guys! I'm still touring the suburbs looking for wifi hot spots where I can get on the internet, and see what you-all have been uploading. My computer problem exists because I live in a deep wooded canyon a few miles outside of a big city. Sprint…

  • Young male elephant seals, jousting.

    Central California coast. (Hi, everyone! Coming to you from an uncomfortably fashionable Starbucks coffee shop, where I can get WiFi. Having problems with my internet provider at my little house in the woods. Hope to be back online soon....)

  • Water has been falling lightly from the sky in central California. What do you call it? Oh, yes, rain. We''re now approaching 20% of normal.

  • Coast of California: Beach Suncup

    Camissonia cheiranthifolia. How I love the wild evening primroses! There are dozens of species of them in California, persevering plants with delicate blossoms. They are willing to grow in beach sand, desert sand, and in the heavy gravel along the freew…

  • Jolting Along...

    Down the freeway at night, in a truck cab. Happy New Year, everybody!

  • Climbing Mt. Rainier, 1950

    This is me again, glad for any excuse to rest. Some things I remember: 1. Rainier is one BIG ICY mountain 2. The summit caldera is gigantic, Luckily for me, you were counted as successful if you reached any spot on the flat rim. You didn't have to…

  • Paradise Ice Caves, Mt. Rainier National Park, 1950

    Light filtering through natural ice is one of the most beautiful things on earth. This place no longer exists. Unlike the crevasses and bergschrund of a moving glacier, ice caves can only form in ice that is no longer moving. And in our present climate,…

  • Life and Death in the Cobra Lily Swamp

    It's worth risking a damp bottom to sit in the cobra lily swamp and watch these plants do their diabolical work. Bugs land and hurry toward the sweet smells from the outside of the plant and the very faint fetid smells wafting from within. In they go…

  • Happy Halloween

  • pink These are not blossoms.

    Hopsage, Grayia spinosa Death Valley. The colorful"petals" are bracts. The actual flowers are tiny, drab beige-gray.

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