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  • About Driving on the Salt

    On the floor of Death Valley, these are the salty remains of a Pleistocene lake. The white lines are dry crystallized drainage streams, not roads. The beige areas are also saline. They may or may not be wet. Driving out on the smoother parts of the salt (…

  • Death Valley in Summer

    When I was young, everything was closed in Death Valley in summer. Rangers came from their small summer cabins in the Panamint Range or Cow Creek to drag gunny sacks behind their pickups, erasing all tire marks where vehicles turned off pavement. Then the…

  • Giant Yellow Evening Primrose

    Oenothera primaveris ssp. primaveris. Near Kelso Dunes, Mojave Preserve, California.

  • Tent Caterpillars...

    ...leaving their tent for the day. Mojave Preserve, California.

  • Remembering 9-11

    Mural on a fruit-packing warehouse, Lindsay, Central Valley, California.

  • Sunset in Far Southern Death Valley

    One of the wildest parts of the park.

  • About Key-Cans

    When I took archaeology classes back in the ‘50s, no one talked about the history of cans, but today’s archaeologists in the American West are required to know it. This is the lid of a key-wind can in Death Valley. These cans were you may remem…

  • Meet Me At The Woman Pushing a Peanut With Her Nose

    The gigantic statue, “Pacifica”, symbol of the 1939-40 World’s Fair on an island in San Francisco Bay. With garish colored spot lights on her in the evenings and a huge tinkling metal wind screen behind her, she was easy to find. My parents chose a spo…

  • WWII ad

    During WWII, advertising (mostly printed) changed radically. I offer this old ad from 1943 as an antidote to the constant cannonading we are getting now on the internet.

  • A big White Lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

    Death Valley.

  • Wild Canterbury Bells

    Wild relative of a bright garden flower. Mojave Desert, California. Phacelia campanularia ssp.

  • Hoover Dam and Climate Change ?

    An old Kodachrome from the late ‘60s, when Lake Mead continued to slowly rise behind Hoover Dam. Here it was still more than 100 ft. below the top of the new(ish) dam. Interesting that today Lake Mead is again well more than 100 ft. below the top of Hoov…

  • Where the Rots Go

    Fruit packing sheds in the Great Valley of California. June, Apricot season.

  • California burning...again.

    Smoke in the lower atmosphere at sunset. Near San Francisco.

  • Tonopah and Tidewater R.R. Mural, Beatty, Nevada

    The T&T was built by Borax Smith, who tried everything to get borax transported from the rich but remote Lila C mine on the edge of Death Valley. The railroad looked like it would prosper, but was undercut by a cheating U.S. senator, and again by the dis…

  • Dry Washer

    Here is an antique dry washer, displayed in Shoshone, California, where they take their own colorful history seriously. The name “washer" refers to the fact that, in the original Sierra Gold Rush, bits of the precious metal were separated out by carefu…

  • How Desert Mistletoe Uses Birds

    These are the ripening berries of the Desert Mistletoe, a parasite which bores its highly specialized “roots” through the bark of a host plant such as Mesquite, to suck up water and minerals. Many plants offer fruits loved by birds. In a common scenario…

  • Marta’s Opera House

    Death Valley Junction, California,( population 10.) This was originally a silent movie theater, built for the entertainment of borax company executives staying at the Amargosa Hotel. The opera house was a big boxlike wooden building, across the road.…

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