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  • Handcrafted Necklace

    This is a necklace designed and created by my wife using a Molly Cooley handmade bead as the focal point.

  • Custom Made (Explored)


  • Reference Photo

    This is a reference photo taken on a smart phone to help explain the interesting sky to people. It was very quick and easy to take a panoramic shot of the sky. See the following article:

  • Reference Photo

    This is a reference photo taken on a smart phone to show the size of a tree that fell across a driveway that I helped to clear. See the following article:

  • The Color White (Explored)

    Have you ever wanted to know how an LCD screen creates all of the different colors? The screen only uses 3 colors to create all the many different colors including white and those 3 colors are Blue, Green, and Red. It is amazing to me that if you combin…

  • The Sunday Challenge: Photographer (Explored)

    I am not officially a part of the group Sunday Challenge, but I like the idea of a weekly challenge and hope to keep up with the weekly challenges. For this photo I took a photo of my own shadow while holding my Canon Rebel T4i (pictured in the shadow) i…

  • TSC - Twist

    This is a photo of a Viking Wire Knit completed by my wife. Copper wire is wrapped and woven into a "tube" and then stretched until it forms a tight knit rope.

  • Panoramic Butterweed (Explored)

    This is a panoramic view of farm fields. The yellow fields are filled with Butterweed. It is an invasive weed native to Indiana. This type of coverage is caused when fields are left fallow. Butterweed: Senecio glabellus p10s19 p6s10

  • Butterweed Run Wild

    Butterweed will take over any tilled ground that is allowed to lie fallow for an extended amount of time.

  • Butterweed Plant

    This is a closer view of a Butterweed plant on the edge of a farmer's field.

  • El gran diluvio

    La gaviota huía de la gran tormenta

  • Saurópsido leñoso.

  • Espuma.

    El mar se oscureció y comenzó el alba.

  • Lo escrito siempre queda.

    Parte de la pluma fue congelada con agua.

  • Mancha negra 1.

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