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Samsung NX10

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There will be no HFF from me this weekend.
I've been flooded. My secret garden is a swamp. There is water in my basement and it is still coming in. There is nowhere and no way to pump it effectively out.
More heavy rains are forcasted.

Samsung NX10

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 Stephen Blanchard
Stephen Blanchard club
Oh no! I wish I could help!
17 months ago.
Marta Wojtkowska club
has replied to Stephen Blanchard club
From what I saw at your photos... I mean your garden... I think that you know the problem from your own experience.
Thanks for chiming in!
17 months ago. Edited 17 months ago.
FotoArt club
Oh je, hoffen wir mal, dass Du Hilfe bekommst und der Schaden für Dich nicht zu groß ist. Alles Gute!
17 months ago.
Marta Wojtkowska club
has replied to FotoArt club
Thank you so much!
Unfortunately nobody can help me but His Almighty God Himself.
If He decides to bless me with some drought.
17 months ago.
Typo93 club
Too much rain or no rain, too hot, too cold, that's the world today and it's not finished...
Hang in there, Marta.
17 months ago.
Marta Wojtkowska club
has replied to Typo93 club
It's not the world (and weather) at fault. People are.
I wasn't born yesterday.
I remember droughts and floods, abominably hot summers and ultimately cold winters.
We used to deal with it. Now people think that modern life and technology protect them from those common inconveniences.
My current problem illustrates what happens when people forget how things were done not so long ago, when their ancestors actually cared for environment (and ideology of ecology was not even invented yet!)
You see, we have old drains and flood control channels here where I live. The system was built at least 100 years ago and functioned perfectly then and was still in good condition twenty years ago. Then yuppies came and started building their big houses, cutting and plugging drains, filling channels with dirt and soil, paving everything and so on.
I live by a road that used to be a dirt road (partly mine) and at its other side there was a ditch large enough to absorb all water coming from my property (and from my neighborhood). Then the previous mayor decided to use some EU funds to asphalt it. They did away with the ditch, they ruined existing drains. The new road is like a dam. No wonder water gets out of control.
17 months ago. Edited 17 months ago.
Berny club
Oh no. Flood protection would be my business. Good look Marta!
17 months ago.
Marta Wojtkowska club
has replied to Berny club
There is no protection against people irresponsibility and thoughtlessness, Berny. That's what I am dealing with. Water is not a problem. People are.
17 months ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
wish you all the best!
17 months ago.
Marta Wojtkowska club
has replied to Boarischa Krautmo club
Thank you, Markus!
Good news is that there was no rain since Thursday and I managed to get rid of water in my basement. I pumped it out into sewage system. It's illegal but what can I do?
Now I am stoically waiting for another round: next storm = next flood
17 months ago.
 John Sheldon
John Sheldon club
Sorry to hear about your awful problems. Lack of care (or something more $inister, perhaps?) seems to be a common feature of land development. In the UK developments still seem to be constructed on river flood plains ...
17 months ago.

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