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Yashica Mat
Ilford HP5+
medium format
black and white
Kodak HC-110

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Ilford HP5+

portrait of a bike(r)

portrait of a bike(r) 

National Independence Day (Polish: Narodowe Święto Niepodległości) is a national day in Poland celebrated on 11 November to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty as the Second Polish Republic in 1918, after 123 years of partition by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Empire.

National Independence Day in Sulejówek -
there were hundreds of bikes and bikers gathered there and preparing for the Independence Day Bike Parade.
It was dark, it was cold, it was raining...

Yashica Mat + Ilford HP5+ + Kodak HC-110 (Dil.B)

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Dominique Sarrazin
Dominique Sarrazin
Quel courage !
6 weeks ago.
Marta Wojtkowska has replied to Dominique Sarrazin
Courage? I don't think so...
Warm and waterproof clothes - yes :)
6 weeks ago.
John Sheldon
John Sheldon
Dark, cold and rainy did not prevent a good picture! Yashica Mat and HP5, a good combination!
6 weeks ago.
Marta Wojtkowska has replied to John Sheldon
Thank you John!
I think that my Yashica likes HP5+ the best :)
6 weeks ago.
Richard Nuttall
Richard Nuttall
Thats a great shot Marta, you can make that Yashica sing- perfect.
6 weeks ago.
Marta Wojtkowska has replied to Richard Nuttall
It's very nice of you to say so, Richard!
But not all her songs put me in a good mood ;)
6 weeks ago.
Scott Holcomb
Scott Holcomb
Long live the Republic!!
6 weeks ago.
Marta Wojtkowska has replied to Scott Holcomb
Long live and prosper!
6 weeks ago.
Anna Anastasio
Anna Anastasio
6 weeks ago.
Marta Wojtkowska has replied to Anna Anastasio
Grazie mille!
6 weeks ago.
very handsomely shown... he was on the road a lot! :)
6 weeks ago.
Marta Wojtkowska has replied to ME.
The biker was not around but I spent there at least twenty minutes reading and appreciating the stickers - they were awesome :)
Thank you!
5 weeks ago.
Rupert Hedgehog
Rupert Hedgehog
Very nice, M. !
I have a thing for vintage vehicles.
4 weeks ago.
Marta Wojtkowska has replied to Rupert Hedgehog
Thank you, Rupert!
I have a thing for bikes (family tradition...) :)
4 weeks ago.