• Camera disposal

    Bits of a camera.

  • Metalbox

    A little about MetalMachineMusic. Gamechanger. Jeremy Darby first brought MMM round to my Herne Bay flat in 1976. I had just got hold of Brian Eno's 'Discreet Music' and used to play it at 16rpm (vinyl) half speed, to make it last longer. It was only…

  • HUMP

    Margate Carnival 2013 (StopMo - 2':40")

  • Kitchen


  • Bathroom perspective.

    Dimensional Mathematics in daily life. My thoughts on the Theory of Everything: "Its all Fractal, but observation will probably be an insurmountable problem for biological intellects: Until we evolve to understand" m|h . Multidimensional Flight Simulato…

  • A music CD cover

    My latest CD is not for sale; (the cover, however, is.) -IRONIC ICONIC-