• Nightfall


  • Margate, Isle of Thanet, Kent

    Rail, Sun, beach. Canon D40 Sigma 50-500mm

  • Spanish flowers

    At the dog rescue.

  • Greenery


  • Lemon tree


  • Spanish dancer


  • Swathe


  • Bonsai

    Arigatou ^_^

  • That darn cat

    Turned to stone.

  • Gothic

    Sun. -- I have been enjoying Lou's early career and writing. This is one from the beginning. You'll Love it. So Blue - The Jades feat. Lou Reed 1959

  • Nayland Rock

    Seascape. Sunset.

  • Sparkle

    Sea surface. -- Magnified sand grains.

  • Margate, Isle of Thanet, Kent.

    Ebb tide.

  • Evenish

    Londonbound; M2: Sunset, Dusk, Twilight, Evening. (Ish)

  • The desert by the sea

    North Side, Marsa Bareika: S. Sinai. From Ras Mohammed Marine Station. Operation Wallacea Expedition 2006

  • Flares


  • Margate Harbour Arm

    Kent FLOATING; Ultralight model aircraft world champions.

  • Sleeping Winter

    DH Lawrence - We are Transmitters As we live, we are transmitters of life. And when we fail to transmit life, life fails to flow through us. That is part of the mystery of sex, it is a flow onwards. Sexless people transmit nothing. And if, as we work…

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