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18 Jan 2017 1 202
Me & Joe Gallivan In Southern Spain (Apr 2016)

Back in the day

21 Jan 2015 1 249
Early 2000's Here's Richard Sinclair, Dave Sinclair and myself looking as if there's a secret! Taken at one of the 'Ambient Heaven' gigs I organised at the Horsebridge art gallery; + Japanese visitors! From film print (Minolta/Agfa 400iso) OTHER PHOTO MEMOIRS updating

Before the Internet

22 Jan 2015 1 352
Late 1980's. ~ Pre-digital live garden fun. At Dr. Rosemarys; Sutton. Film: Compact 110 > ELTON DEAN INTERVIEW - WebArchive < Elton Dean and myself. DUO.

Before the Internet

24 Mar 2012 255
Oh, that.. CD; Page 13 - Songs for Drella Sire Records . Vinyl issue . A little about MetalMachineMusic . Gamechanger. Jeremy Darby first brought MMM round to my Herne Bay flat in 1976. I had just got hold of Brian Eno's 'Discreet Music' and used to play it at 16rpm (vinyl) half speed, to make it last longer. It was only possible, (because of the neighbours), to listen to MMM quietly, (not how you are *supposed to hear it), and I realised, eyes closed and laying down, that it sounded to me like NYC was just humming outside my window in Kent. Had an idea. I had two prehistoric record decks one of which didn't work very well and I was able to get both records to play, (through different amplifiers), at the same time. 'Discreet Music' at 16rpm and MMM with the volume turned down, although, I occasionally varied the levels. Thanks Sensei. "Nihilism spawns Inspiration"?


30 Jun 2011 244
With friends at the Harbour Cafe, the Margate Vortex club.. The sublime Ms. Carol Grimes and from NYC, Jim Dvorak. (The drummer was Paul Clifford, from Toronto - hidden) Photo taken by


18 Oct 2014 1 308
Mat Sargeant's Charity 2xCD + DVD RELEASED: Oct 2014


03 Sep 2013 1 317
'Man of the year': Dinner at the Royal Opera House with Ronnie, Lou & Laurie. (Lou's last visit to London) My Lou memories and 3 photos: A-Z list on left.

Luz Festival

10 May 2014 320
Let's go, Flamencoagogo!

Chalk Geometrics

27 Oct 2013 211
Arranged chalk stones : approx. 3.5m X 2m (Anon) Margate. Isle of Thanet, Kent GBR -- LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU….. The Velvet Underground: Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes. ( Full ) . 27th October, afternoon: My Mum rang me. I hadn't heard. . .


02 Jan 2011 281
PYRAMIDAL FORMS : HI-Q (lime) REDUCTIVE . β เ ĝ β เ ģ ร ρ α ๔ є ร ⛔ If SmartPhone i-Dosing - Caution ⛔ |on youtube| Anim. shorts to b|b|s music by Luc Pilmeyer (Be). Precipice : Apollo new : Blocket new Graviton [An IUMA upload] . (img) : STRICTLY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Hewins2011

Before the Internet

10 Feb 2012 232
1986 - Polaroid ; ~ (by Von) xx Richard Sinclair & I at the old Roper Road house in Canterbury. That Fender Bass & my '58 Gibson ES175D

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27 Jan 2014 174
Geldof Band; fun on the front line... Bob, me & 'Vince Lovepump' . ( Bob Loveday ) 'Sex, Age & Death', UK tour. Film: Print.

More recently

26 Jan 2014 167
The great Mick Rock took my photo at the GQ awards Sep. 2013 @ ROH! Fun times :) .


15 Dec 2013 201
Selfie. Invited to THIS .

Turner Contemporary

30 Nov -1 248
Found : Natural Intervention - titled; Water/Shadow 2013 The shadow of water ripples in the wind: (Sun shining through a rainwater pool on the roof of Dan Grahams Two Cubes, One Rotated 45° ) . STRICTLY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©® Hewins2013


19 Dec 2013 158
Guggenheim: Face. . 'Verlag' Typeface: .

In contrast

16 Dec 2013 148
The Guggenheim, NYC. . Lou Reed - Satellite of Love


08 Dec 2011 182
With Roy Burrows outside the MUSART studio in Streatham (early 90's) Roy worked with both Sun Ra AND Duke Ellington, amongst many others. .

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