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    Me & Joe Gallivan In Southern Spain (Apr 2016)

  • Before the internet

    Dave Sinclair & a 21 yr old me, at my old flat in Herne Bay 1976. Beethoven looks on… Polaroid print. -- Early 'Moon over Man' recording sessions. US IN 2008 > HERE < → → → → → CANTERBURY FAMILY TREE ARCHIVAL BEFORE THE INTERNET: I appear quite a few t…

  • Back in the day

    Early 2000's Here's Richard Sinclair, Dave Sinclair and myself looking as if there's a secret! Taken at one of the 'Ambient Heaven' gigs I organised at the Horsebridge art gallery; + Japanese visitors! From film print (Minolta/Agfa 400iso) OTHER PHOTO…

  • Before the Internet

    Late 1980's. ~ Pre-digital live garden fun. At Dr. Rosemarys; Sutton. Film: Compact 110 > ELTON DEAN INTERVIEW - WebArchive < Elton Dean and myself. DUO.

  • Before the Internet

    Oh, that.. CD; Page 13 - Songs for Drella Sire Records. Vinyl issue 9639/ . A little about MetalMachineMusic. Gamechanger. Jeremy Darby first brought MMM round to my Herne Bay flat in 1976. I had just got hold…


    With friends at the Harbour Cafe, the Margate Vortex club.. The sublime Ms. Carol Grimes and from NYC, Jim Dvorak. (The drummer was Paul Clifford, from Toronto - hidden) Photo taken by

  • You're in the Army…… Now..

    Operation Wallacea Marine Expedition. Egypt 2007 Army desert checkpoint; (Marsa Bareika). Seemingly quite jealous of our Bedou campfire raves these guys 'encouraged' me to play Guitar for them one night up at their checkpoint, there were 5 guards in tota…


    Mat Sargeant's Charity 2xCD + DVD RELEASED: Oct 2014

  • GQ AWARDS 2013

    'Man of the year': Dinner at the Royal Opera House with Ronnie, Lou & Laurie. (Lou's last visit to London) My Lou memories and 3 photos: A-Z list on left.

  • Luz Festival

    Let's go, Flamencoagogo!

  • Playbill


  • Yet another perspective

    [ Repeating object 9 ] -- Indoor Free Flight 1 Hour Record John Kagan's Indoor Free Flight model airplane record flight : 1 hour, 1 minute, 30 seconds. July 4, 2005

  • A music CD cover

    My latest CD is not for sale; (the cover, however, is.) -IRONIC ICONIC-

  • Toothstorm

    Tautological tessellation -- SOFT MACHINE chine-teeth_music

  • Chalk

    Carved by shellfish

  • Bathroom perspective.

    Dimensional Mathematics in daily life. My thoughts on the Theory of Everything: "Its all Fractal, but observation will probably be an insurmountable problem for biological intellects: Until we evolve to understand" m|h . Multidimensional Flight Simulato…

  • Hoarfrost

    Icy morning in Kent. -- I played on this NRG track remix just released March 2014 tem-bassjam-mix "Put it on FB? Why on earth would I want to do that?". People are taking the p**s out of you everyday. They butt i…

  • Me and 'Old Jimmy'

    Blues table musicians: , Los Archos Horse Bar. La Herradura, Andalusia. Nov 2013 80's Takamine.

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