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9240958dL Butterfly

Fiery Skipper (Hylephila phyleus). Thanks to Pam J for the identification. (September, 2016)


Aster. (November, 2015)

SZ82086dL Seen at the flea market

(November, 2015)

9049449dM Wasp

Yellow jacket. (September, 2016).


Cloudless sulphur (thanks to Pam J for the identification). (September, 2016)

P1070392dL Spider

(September, 2010)

2130966dM A tiny spider

Macro of a very small spider, body length (without legs) is about 3,5 mm. (February, 2017). [I attached a 1.5x close-up lens (Raynox DCR-150) to the camera lens.]


(October, 2009)

P1070528dcL Camouflage. A spider ~~ Une araignée

A small spider (perhaps Misumessus [M. oblongus ?]) camouflaged on a milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa ?) flower. (September, 2010)
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