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Chickadee (Poecile). (August, 2016). [Best seen large]

8047307dL Photobombed :)

(August, 2016)

8047303dL Green chevrons everywhere.

Same chevron pattern (as well as color) on legs of insect and on plant leaves. (August, 2016).


Nuthatch (Sitta).. (August, 2016).


(August, 2016)


Robber fly (Asilid ). It looks like it is missing a few legs. (August, 2016).

8228542dL Dragonfly

Blue dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis). (August, 2016)

8187999dcL Titmouse

Titmouse ([Baeolophus) (August. 2016)

B051760dL Butterfly

This is a test of adding a picture within a picture. A ZILLION THANKS to Peggy C for giving me detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do it (I had no clue before that). The inset is a rotated cropped version of the original picture in order to show the butterfly larger. Painted lady (Vanessa). (November, 2016)
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