Mountain islands

Not quite right... as it was nicer in person, but since the new washing machine drips, the car run out battery and my Internet connection was down... I'm happy I can finally finish something today.. :)

View towards the Parralillo area

Galga de risco

Siete horas estuvimos por ahí y la muchacha lo pasó pipa, aunque hoy ha tenido que dormir todas las siestas que se había perdido. -- Seven hours we spent walking about and she enjoyed every minute! But today she had to make up for all the lost naps...

Tirma - a rainbow of stones

The mountain of Tirma is known for the beauty and variety of its stones. You see green ones, pink ones, lavender... Some have round marks, some imitate wood... Fortunately the area is protected.

La Concepción

Another view taken from Eli's favorite place for walks, just before sunset.

Up comes the fog... / Sube la bruma...

I was walking back up and the fog seemed to be winning... For a moment I was surrounded by cloud but with blue sky above - I had to take some pictures. Then the cloud went down again.

Two weathers / Dos tiempos

Just below, foggy, then cloudy... Just above, bright and sunny - a beautiful day! -- Justo más abajo... la niebla y más abajo las nubes... Por arriba, soleado y agradable - ¡un día precioso!

Caldera de Bandama

Caldera de Bandama

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