Fun and races

Here's wishing you all nice holidays and a good year 2010! This is Eli with friend Goku, demonstrating winter fun.

Eli's three today / Eli cumple tres añitos

It's Eli's birthday today. :) This was from one of recent our walks in Scotland.

Eli & snow // Eli y la nieve

Eli en Escocia / Eli in Scotland

She was a bit shocked at the cold at first, but she's getting used to it. And she loves making new friends in the wonderful park by the house.

Catty pillow II / Almohada gatuna II

Cara a cara... / Face to face...

Loca playa

Esta noche hace dos años que nos vimos los hocicos :) ... mi nenita! -- Tonight it's two years since we met face to face :)

Llegó el calor / And summer arrived

Tormenta a raya / Storm at bay

Las nubes llevan varios días así, al sur de la isla, atrapadas por las montañas. -- The clouds have been stuck at the mountains for several days now.
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