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  • Goku

    Goku is a rescued podenco - taken in as a puppy by an AAGC rescue org volunteer. So he's all you don't normally see: a healthy, happy, young podenco . He should be travelling to the UK soon, unless he finds a local adopter before that.

  • Fun and races

    Here's wishing you all nice holidays and a good year 2010! This is Eli with friend Goku, demonstrating winter fun.

  • "Marie Curie" rose

  • Rose & grasshopper

  • Roses

  • Revolcón

    It looks like so much fun, I'll have to try it some day ;)

  • Eli's three today / Eli cumple tres añitos

    It's Eli's birthday today. :) This was from one of recent our walks in Scotland.

  • Weeds galore II

  • Weeds galore

    Back in Gran Canaria now, checking out our usual walking places :)

  • Light in the woods

  • Desde Escocia con amor

  • Eli & snow // Eli y la nieve

  • Eli en Escocia / Eli in Scotland

    She was a bit shocked at the cold at first, but she's getting used to it. And she loves making new friends in the wonderful park by the house.

  • Happy New Year!

  • Eli & the Piranhas

    From front to back: Eli, Pita, Mimoso. Pita is an "exchange dog" staying with us for the holidays. Mimoso will go with her when Eli and I travel north for a few months... to Scotland! Next weekend! The cats at the moment aren't very pleased... :( unfair…

  • ¿Me favorece? / Does it suit me?

    Mimoso's an actor... here playing cute lapdog

  • Canarias Moda Cálida (Canina)

    Canine fashion show

  • Dressed to wrestle / Vestidos para pelear

    Una minipausa en la pelea Galga Musa celebra un concurso (hasta el sábado 15) de fotografía sobre "lebreles abrigados". Intentamos hacer una sesión pero los modelos no estaban por posar... :D -- Mini-pause ...within the wrestling match I was trying to…

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