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Sweden - Trelleborg, Trelleborgen Fortress

In 1988 traces of a fortress complex were found at the highest point of the city of Trelleborg. It turned out this wall belonged to a wooden ring fortress from the Viking Age. The fortress was built in the 980’s - most probably on orders from Harald Bluetooth, by that time king of Denmark. The Trelleborgen as it exists nowadays is a reconstruction from 1995, based on the archaeological finds, crafts traditions and educated guesses. The reconstructed quarter of the fortress lies in the middle of the city.…


Venus in furs

Danube canyon between Romania and Serbia. Mountain is on the Romanian side.


Rumours of a better world

Belgrade - Serbia

when the memory runs out

Zeiss Ikon Contax I, Zeiss Jena 1.5/50mm Sonnar, Rollei Retro 80's, monochrome, 35mm, black & white

one scenery. tokyo

Zeiss Ikon Contarex 1, Zeiss Distagon 4/35mm, Rollei retro 80's, b/w

everyday as a moment in echoes 7, on the way for drowning

Zeiss Ikon contaflex s automatic, pro tessar 2.8/50mm, Fuji across 100, expired film

reality with a obscure reverberation

Ensign Commando, Ensar Anastigmat 3.5/75mm, ilford delta 100, monochrome, 6x6, medium-format

drowned, fair Ophelia

"As once incapable of her hown distress", Shakespeare.
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