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Venus in furs

Danube canyon between Romania and Serbia. Mountain is on the Romanian side.


Rumours of a better world

Belgrade - Serbia

when the memory runs out

Zeiss Ikon Contax I, Zeiss Jena 1.5/50mm Sonnar, Rollei Retro 80's, monochrome, 35mm, black & white

one scenery. tokyo

Zeiss Ikon Contarex 1, Zeiss Distagon 4/35mm, Rollei retro 80's, b/w

everyday as a moment in echoes 7, on the way for drowning

Zeiss Ikon contaflex s automatic, pro tessar 2.8/50mm, Fuji across 100, expired film

reality with a obscure reverberation

Ensign Commando, Ensar Anastigmat 3.5/75mm, ilford delta 100, monochrome, 6x6, medium-format

drowned, fair Ophelia

"As once incapable of her hown distress", Shakespeare.

Callejón de Plasencia

Calle debajo de los arbotantes

Albaycín (barrio de Granada)

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