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metal face


urban sceneries - maastricht


Terra Orthodoxa...et Libera

Τρούλλος του Καθολικού της ιεράς μονής οσίου Δαβίδ Β.Ευβοίας Dome of St.David's Katholikon in northern Evia

take care. of every step you do.


owed to heatherwick

steel underground vent in paternoster square, london www.facebook.com/caeciliametellaphotography

HP5 in D76 Darkroom print scan

M6J Summilux 50mm HP5@400 LC29 1+19 Darkroom print scan

flower (alternative)

Zenza Bronica S2, nikkor 2.8/75mm with Bellows Attachment model 2, efke r100, Expired Film, negative film scan and tone control with PS
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