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Posted on 08/25/2013

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Birthday: June 17th
28 years old
Green eyed, red haired.
Voice reference: Gary Lightbody.
Born and raised in Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Parents: Liam (deceased) and Molly Mac Diarmuid
Brother to Aidan Mac Diarmuid
Uncles and Aunts: Séamus Mac Diarmuid on his father's side, and Martin, Declan and Maggie Mac Namara on his mother's. Séamus and Maggie are married.
Cousins: Davin, William and Cian Mac Diarmuid on his father's side. He doesn't know any of his other cousins on his mother's side.
Works as literature teacher at a public high school in Howth and at a private and very expensive high school in Dublin for a living. He's also an awarded writer, despite being young.
Graduated in Japanese Literature, and currently writing a groundbreaking post - doctorate thesis on the strict relations between the concepts of beauty and madness in Japanese 20th century literature. He also models for money whenever he has to travel for work. That way he can extend his stay and enjoy the places he visits after his appointments are over.
He plays the fiddle and the guitar since he was a child, and picks up strings instruments easy and fast. He currently also plays the banjo, bass, cello, koto, shamisen, cavaquinho, biwa and sitar. He's addicted to music. His favorite bands are Kagrra;, X – Japan, L'arc – en – Ciel, Blind Guardian, Lacuna Coil, Yoshida Brothers, Metallica, Solas, Led Zeppelin, Nightwish, Within Temptation and Gaelic Storm. He's also a huge fan of BB King, Muddy Waters and Elliot Crane!
He lost his father when he was 14. His mom currently lives in Boston, US, with her brother and sister-in-law. Seán shares his parents' old house with his older brother Aidan.
Lost a twin sister when he was born.
His best friend is Rory O'Rourke. They know each other all their lives, since they're neighbors. They actually nailed a wooden board to their windows to use as a bridge between their bedrooms, since they can't stand to be apart for long. Rory's brother Colm isn't really fond of their friendship.
Seán used to dream of a girl he didn't know since as far back as he remembers. He used to think of her as his lost sister. He met her while he was in college, and she's his other best friend. They still have a very strong connection, and they can most of times anticipate each other's moves. Her name is Deirdre O'Connor. They shared quarters at TCD, then shared an apartment with Dee's friend Rosa for a while. The girls still share the flat, but he came back to his family home to help his brother, and to be close to him again. They didn't get along for a while after their father died.
Seán still can't cope with his father's death, and with how Aidan behaved after Liam died, as if he could just take over from where their dad left off and act like him.
He doesn't talk much about his own feelings and family, except to Rory and Dee. But he's a great listener and will do whatever he can to help all his friends. He's always kept people's secrets and he is a very loyal friend.
He's always been a die-hard nerd, and at school, though he was considered hot, girls usually kept their distance. He's a bookish person, and can easily quote his favorite passages from his favorite books.
He speaks English, Irish, Japanese and Portuguese. He also knows a bit of French.
Favorite Authors: Mishima, Kawabata, Joyce, Beckett, Yeats, Mc Gahern, Tolkien, Stoker, Shakespeare, King, Lovecraft, Heaney, Wilde, Tanizaki, Soseki, Murakami, Rushdie, Miller, Bukowski... And this is just the tip of a huge iceberg...
Used to play handball at school, swims, and practices Tai-Chi and Aikido to help control his asthma. He also practices Kenjutsu with Owen O'Hagan, his college teacher and supervisor.
He would rather have sex than fall in love.
Zen-Buddhist in a mostly Catholic country. He's the black sheep of the neighborhood.
He's been talking to a girl on the internet for the past two and a half years, and he's been spending more time online than around town lately.
Style: Urban rocker + Visual Kei.
A song that could be his theme song: “Whole Lotta Love” - Led Zeppelin

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OH >>>> I Like him!! What an established guy! Is there anything he can't do??
He seems so sensitive! I can't believe he doesn't want to fall in love! He's the kind that when he meets the 'right one', he'll probably fall so head over heels, that he won't be able o think about anything else! He'll be so obsessed that it may even seem like stalking!
3 years ago.
Marcela Gorga has replied to Connie
Yaaaaaaaay!! Im so glad you like Seán!!! He's one of my 4 favorites!!! LOL I guess he's not very good at drawing!! All he can do is draw those dolls made of sticks!! LOL
Seán is a paradox. He's very sensitive, but he's also a very practical guy. But you're absolutely right, about what's going to happen to him when he falls in love! And he won't rest 'till he's conquered his girl!
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.
Joane Ferreira E Silva
Joane Ferreira E Sil…
What can I say... He's a dream! Both him and his brother... I wonder if all irishmen are like these lads... If they were, it would be enough space in their island., since all women from all over the world would crowd Ireland!
3 years ago.
Connie has replied to Joane Ferreira E Sil…
I would be one of them!!!
3 years ago.
Marcela Gorga has replied to Connie
LOLOL, Me too!
3 years ago.
Marcela Gorga has replied to Joane Ferreira E Sil…
ROFL, that's so true! Ireland would be overpopulated!
3 years ago.