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Marcela Gorga

Posted on 05/20/2013

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Here's a health to the company, and one to my lass... 06

Here's a health to the company, and one to my lass... 06
Fiach: “Candy, being polite doesn't make him a good lad...”
Candinha: “Don't call me Candy! I'm not sweet you can chew on! And I'm a good judge of character, Fiach O'Connor, and as much a fighter as you were! I learned to measure a man the same way you did! Ora! And it's Maria Cândida Dos Santos to you, if you don't stop acting like an ass right now!”
Dee: “I told you you'd find out where all my pepper came from...”
Aidan: “From her...”
Dee: “It's elementary, my dear Watson...”
Aidan: “I thought it was from him...”
Dee: “Everybody does... But, no...”
Fiach: “Hey!”
Candinha: “Come é que é? How's it going to be now? Will you behave?”
Fiach: “I'd like a moment alone with the lad.”
Dee: “I don't think so...”
Aidan: “T'is all right, love...”
Fiach (Looks apologetically at Candinha): “I'll behave. I promise.”
Dee: “No truth serum?”
Fiach: “No truth serum...”
Aidan: “ I have nothing to hide... T'is all right if you want to use it, sir.”
Fiach: “I don't need dope to make a bird sing me a tune or two...”
Aidan: “I'm no bird, sir.”
Fiach: “Ye are what I say ye are and no more.”
That remark earns him a slap in the belly from Candinha. Aidan stiffles a laugh as best he can.
Fiach: “Our Deirdre's getting married to that one! How am I supposed to have fun if I can't even torture him a wee bit?”
Aidan (To Dee): “You didn't even say yes yet...”
Fiach: “So ye won't marry her, then?”
Aidan: “Of course I will! I lost count how many times I asked her...”
Fiach ponders in silence a while. “A word or two with ye, Mac Diarmuid. Lasses, please...”
Candinha: “You promised...” Slaps him hard in the butt and takes her daughter by the hand.
Dee blows Aidan a kiss as they leave.

Como é que é - So what?