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Marcela Gorga

Posted on 05/20/2013

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Here's a health to the company, and one to my lass... 03

Here's a health to the company, and one to my lass... 03
Candinha: “Marriage is about love and nothing more, minha cocadinha. When I met your father I had nothing left. The military had taken everything from me but my dignity. No one can take that from you. Do you think I cared a bit what people said when I abandoned the resistance for him? I had you in my plans, and so did he.”
Dee: “And he had already lost too much...”
Candinha: “Your father didn't want to take chances, and I couldn't lose him... And here we are. We founded the community, then we opened the hotel when the military left the government, and I own a cooking school now.” She gives her daughter a loving smile. “And it wasn't your father's money that gave me what I own. It was his and my own effort. Let people say what they will, cocadinha.”
Dee: “They say wisdom comes with age, Dona Cândida.”
Candinha: “I'm your mother and I can still give your butt a slap or two, visse?” They both laugh for a while.
Candinha: “And where's Aidan?”
Dee: “Still in bed, I guess. It takes a bucket or two of coffee to bring him back to the world of the living... But he'll be here soon. I told him I'd take him around town today, and he was really looking forward to it.”
Candinha: “He seems to like simple things and a simple life a lot for a rich gringo...”
Dee: “He does. That's what I love about him. He's a simple man. Money didn't blind him for what's best in life. Some peace and quiet, and simplicity... I missed home... I feel caged in Ireland sometimes...” She sighs.
Candinha: “Your father would have a thing or two to say about that, no doubt.” She kisses Dee in the head.
Dee:”I wonder what he'll have to say about marriage and Aidan...”
Candinha: “Did I tell you the last thing you father did before leaving for Rio?”
Dee:”Nope. Do I really wanna know? Should I smuggle Aidan back to Ireland before he comes back?
Candinha: “He told me he needed to cool off... And he got his best champagne bottle from the cove.”
Dee: “He what????” Her hands fall with a thud on the table and on her own lap. She stares at her mom in disbelief.
Candinha: “Why is it so hard t believe? Your father knows you as well as I do. You never brought any of your many dates here. We both know you live by your own rules, as we taught you... And that you'd never show this piece of your heart to someone who's not in your life to stay... “
Dee: “Ai, mainha...”
Candinha: “Num carece dizer nada não, cocadinha...”

minha - my

cocadinha - It's an endearment. Cocada is the name of a typial sweet made of coconut and condensed milk. Cocadinha is the diminutive of the name. It would mean something like "my sweet girl"

Dona - A way to adrress old ladies

Visse - you hear me???

gringo - foreigner

Num carece dizer nada não - You don't need to say anything...

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Peter Ellis
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