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Here's a health to the company, and one to my lass... 01

Here's a health to the company, and one to my lass... 01
This chapter takes place the morning after the drabble “Meet The Parents”. For Brazillian and Irish slang doubts, please check the references on each page.

Here's A Health To The Company, And One To My Lass. – Part 1

Dee (Still chewing on a bite of Pão de Queijo): “And then... nom... The bitch FIRED me, mainha. Fired me!!”
Candinha: “Opaió! Fired you??? Just because he chose you over her?”
Dee:” Easy choice... nom nom... If you ask me.”
Candinha:” Of course it is! My little girl is better than any quenga!”
Dee:” Problem is: I used to work for the quenga, mainha, and she not only fired me but used all her influence to kill my very short career...I lost count of all the job interviews I've been to since, just to be waved off like a fly... Aidan keeps telling me something better is gonna come up, but so far...”
Candinha: “Did you tell him why she fired you?”
Dee: “Not yet... He'd be furious and he'd probably do something stupid like arguing with her. She's still his teacher at college, and I don't want her to harm him.”
Candinha: “Were they still together when you...”
Dee: “They've never even really had anything, mainha.”
Candinha: “Oxente! Never, é?”
Dee: “Pois é. Never.”
Candinha: “Vixe maria, but what about that kiss you told me about, hein?”
Dee: “She realized Aidan had an eye on me, and started telling me they had an affair, and then one day she just kissed him in front o me... And you know me...”
Candinha: “You went off like a rocket.”
Dee (slaps her own forehead and speaks with a mocking child's voice): “Gandaaaalf!!! Fiiiirewooorks!!! Yep! I blew up.”
Candinha: “Always a hot head like your father...” She smiles fondly at her daughter
Dee: “Where the hell is he, mainha?”
Candinha: “Oxe, don't you know your father? He had to travel to Rio to solve some issues with our food suppliers. There's always something needing to be fixed, and he's always the only one who's able to fix it...”
Dee: “You're pissed.”
Candinha: “You bet I am, and when he comes back his acarajé will be full of pepper!”
Dee: “Oxe, mainha...” They stare at each other for two seconds before they start laughing.
Candinha: “But tell me about your nêgo. Is he all that?”
Dee: “Ah, mainha... All that and so much more!” She blushes a bit and laughs a silly laugh that speaks volumes. Candinha gets a bit misty eyed and laughs too.

Styling Info:


Blouse and bikini top: Mattel
Shorts: Clear Lan
Sandals: Disney VIP Wizards of Waverly Place accessory pack
Scarf and Twiggy tote: La Boutique
Bracelets and earrings: Me
Rings: IT

Blouse: Urban Outfitter Nadja
Skirt: _ Jo _ Jo_
Shoes: Sound Advice Adele
Jewelry: Me


Mainha: mommy.

Opaió: It's a slang from the State of Bahia, which is an expression of astonishment. It can be used for a good thing or a bad thing and it means (here specifically) "that's absurd!!!"

Quenga: Whore

Oxente: Another expression of astonishment typical from Bahia. It means something like "Oh my!!!"

É? - Is it?

Pois é - That's it.

Vixe maria - Holy Mary...

hein? - huh?

Oxe = Oxente

nêgo - Your own man. The man you love.

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