Marcela Gorga

Marcela Gorga

Posted on 03/24/2013

Photo taken on March 24, 2013

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On How To Bend Air 9

On How To Bend Air 9
(Dee's point of view)
... He never says no to food... Especially good food... He's never too tired to help other people... He's had a hard life so far, but do you see him complain? He's bloody stubborn, and so bloody sure of what he wants... He's a hard working man, an honest man... A man I can finally trust... Dad will make his life hell... But he'll pull through... This one's not a quitter... I know it, I know it in his eyes, I know it when he says I'm his one... 'Cuz bloody hell, who am I trying to fool? He's the one for me too...
Rosa:"Dee, are you even listening to me? We'll handle things if you lose your job, but girl, if you let that man out that door, I'm gonna twist you inside out the way you taught me to!"
The flowers will be safer in my bed than on the trash can... And Pipo, you're with me on this one...
Dee:"Rosa, that only works with guys... AIDAN, WAIT!"

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