Marcela Gorga

Marcela Gorga

Posted on 03/24/2013

Photo taken on March 24, 2013

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On How To Bend Air 8

On How To Bend Air 8
(Dee's point of view continues)

... No, I'll throw it all away, I'll hide it somewhere where I don't see any of it, I'll bury it in a drawer... And then I'll try to make up my mind about what makes me more stupid... Loving him or letting him go... When I don't have more pressing matters ahead of me... Like KILLING Rosa for picking my lock and letting him in!
Rosa (speaks through the closed door): "Dee! What are you doing in there, girl?? Don't let him go!"
Dee:" Darling... Why don't you come in, hm? Let's... chat..."
Rosa:"No way I'm going in... Miriam is in Tokyo now, so she won't be there to keep me safe from you, miss Lecter..."
Dee:" You'll see what I do to you when I stop laughing!"
Rosa: "Dee, don't let him go..."
Dee:"He's already gone."
Rosa:"No, he isn't. Isolde is holding him in the kitchen, and filling him with her muffins for as long as he can take them..."
Dee:"That'll be a long time! He never says no to food..."

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