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Marcela Gorga

Posted on 03/26/2013

Photo taken on March 24, 2013

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On How To Bend Air 3

On How To Bend Air 3
Dan:"Won't ye even look at him? He loves you... And so do I..."
Dee:"That's no doubt the weirdest thing I've ever heard..."
Dan:"Strange as it sounds, t'is true..."
Dee:"If you're hoping to get something going with such lines, forget it..."
Dan:"Why can't ye deal with the simple fact that ye're loved?"
Dee: "By a Teddy bear? No, thanks."
Dan:"By meself then, since ye're not in the mood for romance, and ye'd rather the plain truth instead..."
Dee:"I don't want any of that either..."
Dan:"If only ye'd lie looking into me eyes... But ye won't, Dee. And t'isn't just pride there... T'is fear..."
Dee:"You're hilarious..."
Dan:"Where's ye're laughter off to, then? I can't hear it... Fear won't do nothing for ye, Dee, so come off it, why don't ye? We're friends... Do I still have to prove meself to ye?"
Dee:"I don't want you to prove anything! I want you to get the hell out of my bedroom! You, your stupid flowers, and your ridiculous bear too!"
It took him a while to make any sound again. The stricken silence just clung to their skin a while... Then his voice came out, low and hoarse...
Dan:"Well, then... If that's what you want..."

Come off it - Irish slang. It means "Let it go"

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