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Marcela Gorga

Posted on 03/26/2013

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On How To Bend Air 2

On How To Bend Air 2
Dan:" See, I brought ye flowers..."
Dee:"I don't want them." Throws the bouquet on the bed without even a second glance.
Dan:"I've also a mind to take ye out... 'Tis St. Paddy's and it's packed with people and cráic outside..."
Dee:"I'm Buddhist."
Dan:"And I'm your Karma, love... I'm sure Budha loves everyone, including good old Pat...And even meself."
Dee:"He does..."
She can't help but smile at him... The warmth of their exchanged glances fills the room for a while.
Dee:"Aidan, please, quit it, ok? We both know this isn't going anywhere."
Dan:"Do we? How so? We never even tried, have we?"
Dee:"I don't need to try. We're friends, and you're making a mess..."
Dan:"T'is no mess but love. We both know it."
Dee:"All I know is how much Brigid likes you! And how much you like her yourself!"
Dan:"But I don't, no. We've been through that. And you should stop trying to tell me what I feel. Here, I brought ye me best friend. I have him since I was a baby... The lad's name is Pipo... How d'ye like him?"
Dee:"I never cared for plush toys."

Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis
Beautiful !!
4 years ago.