Marcela Gorga

Marcela Gorga

Posted on 03/26/2013

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On How To Bend Air 1

On How To Bend Air 1
Dee:"What the frigging hell are you doing here, Aidan?"
Dan:"I come in peace."
Dee:"Where's the pepper spray?"
Dan:"But I brought the safety goggles, in case ye'd try to spray me out, so, don't. When did you decide to lock me out, Dee?"
Dee:"That door was locked, since we're discussing locks...How did you get in?"
Aidan:"You taught Róise how to pick locks, lass. T'is part of your useful paranoia program, says she, picks the lock, and here's yer man, a 6 feet tall shamrock. And I've company for ye."
Dee:"Ah, Rosa..."
Dan:"She didn't do nothin' I didn't ask her to."
Dee:"Is that supposed to make me show clemency?"
Dan:"Well, darling, if Seneca tried to convince a Roman Emperor to show clemency, why can't I give it a try at least, aye?"
Dee:"He did fail..." Wry smile.
Dan:"But I won't. Because I love you."
Dee:"There you go again... You ruined the beginning of a possibly nice try..."
Dan:"I love you..."
Dee:"Stop it..."
Dan:"Why? It makes you smile..."
Dee:"I only smiled because you're my friend and I... "
Dee:"I like you... No, don't even s-"
Dan:"See? There's that smile again... Admit it... T'is about time we're together..."
Dee:"I told you to quit it!"
Dan:"I won't. I want time with you, Deirdre O'Connor."
Dee:"Very funny..."