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  • Iris

    Meet Doris.. Second girl on skate, after:

  • { 8 men of 9 }

    Fugees - Fu-Gee-La

  • bonnie & clyde

  • [][][]

    ^ The window of life - La finestra della vita ^ [ Hommage à Robert Doisneau ] La vita scorre, sotto la finestra, si disperde attraverso le emozioni, le passioni e i nostri segreti. Puoi scegliere di vederla scorrere via o di immergerti dentro lei, cerca…

  • Common Shapes

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  • flotte, file, fume

  • l'amour en fuite

  • Côte d'Or

  • Rêve de gamin...

    5. Requiem For A King - Blood Or Whiskey

  • L'Adieu aux Larmes

    Quand il ne reste plus rien, Et que même l'Espoir s'en est allé... La Nuit n'est plus mon amie, Mon dernier refuge s'est brisé... Michel Polnareff - Le bal des Laze

  • Seul Au Monde

  • Squares!!

    This was taken on the river embankment near Malden in Essex, England early in the morning! Please visit our new website and tell me what you think of it.

  • right back at you!

    Cheerful little dude from Belgium whom I met in June during one of the shoots. Followed me around and , pointing at me with his finger, told me to smile 'cause it's HIS time to take a photo of ME. With a plastic toy camera full of tiny pink candy but sti…

  • Be cool

    No group invites please...