The Voices of Mars

My Sci-fi book covers

Among Miss Tout's albums

  • The Voices of Mars

    1957 Burke

  • Perils on Mars

    Patrick Moore, Burke, 1957.

  • Raiders of Mars

    Patrick Moore, Burke, 1959

  • The Domes of Mars

    1956 Burke

  • Adrift in the Statosphere

    undated- probably 2WW time. Looks rather Clarice Cliffe, who I hate, but a good rocket. Blackie.

  • Scream from Outer Space

    John Robert Haynes, Rich and Cowan, 1955

  • The Man With Only One Head

    Densil Neve Barr; 1955

  • Escape from Gravity

    Philip Briggs, 1955; Lutterworth

  • Beyond Mars

    John Stafford Gowland, 1956, Gryphon

  • Return to the Lost Planet

    undated Children's Book Club

  • The Atom Chasers

    Angus Mc Vicar, 1956, Burke

  • The Lost Planet

    Angus MacVicar 1953/1960; Burke My favourite rocket and a good story.

  • Secret of the Lost Planet

    Angus McVicar, 1961 Burke

  • Satellite 7

    Angus MacVicar, 1961 Burke

  • Kings of Space

    Captain W.E Johns, 1954 Hodder Not only a writer of Biggles Books.

  • The Death Rays of Ardilla

    1959 Children's Book Club

  • TheMan Who Vanished into Space

    1963 Hodder Another dreary cover. did they rely on children wanting to read everything he wrote, like me?

  • Worlds of Wonder

    1962 Children's Book Club

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