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  • Il·luminació exterior

    Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa. Dissenyat pel gabinet d'arquitectes de Frank Gehry.

  • Crucifix

    Santa Maria de Vilabertran

  • Fiestas

  • Cuestion de Color

    Cuestión de Posición

  • Margen >>>

    By Paz

  • Nadal 2014

    Llums del arbre de Nadal Luces del árbol de Navidad Càmera: NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D5200 Exposició: 20 sec. Diafragma: f/13.0 Distància focal: 55.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 55.0 mm) Flash: No Flash Mode d'exposició: Manual Diafragma màx…

  • Christkindelsmärik 4

    Grab a basket ! Now that you have chosen your tree, you got to buy some decorations ! And this what half of the market is about ! A little bit kitchy but irresistible ! Nevertheless, you got to have a lot of money to buy some chrismas paraphernalia here,…

  • Upside down tree - Too much

    Sometimes too much is too much !!! Too much lights, too much gold, too much glamour....... :o) (Galeries Lafayette - Paris)

  • For the sunday challenge § my christmas tradition

    Jingle bells, little christmas jingle bells, there is no christmas time without music for christmas tradition is a song ! In france, we got a song that each child hear and sing, more than once , especialy in front of the tree on christmas night…

  • Eiskrallen

  • Bastia - Corse

    By mARTin

  • Soveria - Corse

    By mARTin

  • Algajola - Corse

    By mARTin

  • La Mar

  • Caquis

  • Amarrada


  • Botella verda


  • Felicidades Wolfanga

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