mahyongg's photos

  • Mixing the first batch

    I needed three (around 55 ml) to slightly over-fill all the gaps..

  • 407 Light Filler

  • G/Flex, measured & ready for action

  • The workspace..

  • Well prepared.. you need a trash bucket everywhere!

  • Stove-O

    Used to be one of the lightest out there.. now set 20g or so back!

  • Using my pack stove to flame-treat the PVC

    You don't have to flame-treat PVC or ABS, but its supposed to help, so I did.

  • Removing grit and stuff from sanding

  • Protected vacuum nozzle

    ... to keep it from scratching or contaminating the surface.. who knows where it's been?

  • Nicely sanded crax!

  • Testing the final layout..

    Wow, it fits quite nicely. That wasn't even planned ;D

  • A proper sawhorse

    Make sure your work area is well equipped. Bending my back continuously over the canoe still hurt quite a bit after each session..

  • ABS Layout 2.. thats it!

  • ABS Layout 1..not so much

  • Sanding

  • Sanding

  • Crax closeup

  • Crax closeup

199 items in total