mahyongg's photos

  • Flame treatment of ABS before glueing

    Yeah I know, just try to ignore the look on my face ;D

  • There was barely enough G/Flex we mixed up..

  • Spreading with a plastic spreader

  • Ready to go (glue!)

  • Taping the area..

    I included some surrounding area to, to add a nice bevel later. Alas, there was not enough Epoxy so this happened in another step! Had to scrape all the squeeze-out away..

  • Well sanded - 80 grit!

  • Beveled ABS edges

    Supposed to make a smooth transition, for feet and forces..

  • Trying to conform the ABS sheets using a heat gun & sand bags

    Did not work though, I would not get them hot enough all over, just covering a tiny spot would not be enough!

  • Fitting of the outfitting

  • Finished ABS sheets - notice rounded corners

  • Using a plumbbob to mark out positions

  • Wet sanding.. to prevent dust & get rid of waxy amine blush

  • A lot of scraping later..

  • Scraping off the hull, removing excess material

  • All Filler No Killer!

  • Spreading out some G over the cracks

  • Starting to fill

  • Readied mix - notice red tint from 407 filler

199 items in total