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  • feet: 4 human vs. 4 chair vs. 1 table

  • image research surprise

  • Zeichnung Rep

    This is a concept of my repair plan for the RX canoe bottom - to enhance the bond between canoe foam core and ABS, I plan on using G-Flex "rivets" - just countersunk holes where the G-Flex can come out and "lock" the material in place, so additionally to…

  • New Werner Stick Zebrawood Grip

  • Zebrawood and Neon match great!

  • Drilled out Zebrawod to save weight, stuffed with neon neoprene!

  • The large delaminated spot

    I cut out a large delam with cracked RX on top of it, would have made no sense to keep that anyways.

  • Stress and age-cracked royalite

    All soaking wet.. drying now

  • ABS putty spot fill

    Just a test to see if the putty attaches well

  • The Whole Shebang

    30 x 20 cm in size.. just the damage, not the scraped-off PVC layer circle!

  • A nice bevel+some smear = solid edge protection

  • Epoxy putty..

  • All in resin

  • Taped again

  • Nice.. still not enough pressure?

    Discovered that there still was a soft spot underneath after glueing in the ABS sheets. Luckily it went all to the edges, where the bend prevented the ABS to confrom to the hulls shape.

  • Sandbags, and lots of them!

  • The last sheet..

  • Laying down

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