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  • Nice, wild browney ;D

  • P1050056

    Did anyone say wet wading was cool? Yeah it is, and the reward is right here ;D

  • Grasshopper victim

    Tried a Grasshopper today that I tied for the Similkameen River in BC, but it seems these work everywhere in Summer - very aggressive attacks by 5!! brown (or brook trout, as known in North America) trout in a row. Very nice!

  • Covered up!

    A little uneven due to the use of packaging tape on the wet epoxy, but that was quick work with a scraper to get rid off.

  • A proper Workplace ;D

    Sometimes, you just need to look around for inspiration ;D

  • Fair with the hull..

    I achieved this with covering & holding the patch down with packaging & duct tape while it cured. This way, the middle section got pushed down most and pushed excess GFlex out to the seam, where it came out nicely and enough to cover the seam, too, as exp…

  • We got them edges covered..

  • Some bubbles...

    Filled them up with un-filled Gflex before giving the whole thing the abrasive coating filled with microfibres & colloidal silica

  • Smooth transition

    The edges of the ABS sheet where smoothly covered with a thin layer of Gflex to keep rocks from pushing against them where they protrude from the bottom of the boat.

  • All covered up with an abrasion layr of Gflex--

    Easily replacable, should the need arise, before the ABS is scratched again - and it protects it a little from UV rays. Spray-painted it too, later.

  • The GLOW from below

    How to guess if there are radioactive fish in the river.

  • inside the tunnel

    GF seeped out the hole a bit but it shall be ok. locks into place mechanically this way, too!

  • finished GF from above

    A little uneven but that doesnt matter since its gonna be covered up anyways, thats why i didnt care in the first place.

  • fresh & covered up

    .. using a ziplock bag

  • prepaired hole with resin retainer

    ABS sheet piece covered in PP foil shoved under the saddle from inside the saddle tunnel. Should do its job to keep the GF from running out of the repair area, its gonna be peanut-buttery anyways!

  • some more mapping..

  • hustlin..

  • mapping..

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