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  • berlin ball

    No Edit, baby. Just light..

  • Its coming.. slowly

    The bulb has thus far been replaced with a proper chandelier ;D

  • Crop stash

    ... chard, zucchini, only 2 pears, but at least some pumpkin. Yum..

  • All things shroom

    I know about the ones on the left, mistook them for another species. Its always too bad when you're out hunting and forgot your book-of-prey. Alas, they ARE edible but only good when very young and not everyone likes their taste. I did not like it. The re…

  • Ready 4 take-off

    Taking a ride with a friend on a late summer sunny day.. these are gone now!

  • Service Thinking..

    ..leads to the creation of more useful things!

  • killer hopper

    This accounted for about 2.5 kg of brown trout barbecue within 2 hours of fishing. The released ones not counting! I guess thats what grasshoppers are supposed to do, so here goes my new fav fly! Although the ever-successfull Buck Caddis still soars with…

  • Great Idea No. 2: get a cabinetmaker to do the tricky stuff

  • Great Ideo No. 1: get a decent tool for each job..

    .. especially in ze saw department, glad I could borrow this one here!

  • The whole shebang

  • Measure twice, cut once

    A near miss.. alas, just the outer one so would have just made for one more cut ;D

  • Hot Mopar Love

    Brooding over a new fender cover for the Moparshop, this just a snippet.. will go live @ the Season Closer Party 23.10.2010! If its back from the printers soon enough, that is.

  • P1050639

  • P1050639

  • Rack 1

    Open Canoe Collection of Kanuschule Versam, Versam-Station, Vorderrhein - 1

  • Rack 2

    Open Canoe Collection of Kanuschule Versam, Versam-Station, Vorderrhein - 2

  • Tagesstrecke

  • Another one...

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