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  • Cracked Royalite

  • Cracked Royalite

  • Cracked Royalite

  • Cracked Royalite

  • Snow is only frozen water

    .. and helps to pull your boat back t the car..

  • Two ready go

    Ready to go. First dip of our paddles into flowing water this year..

  • Is it a drop yet?

    We were amazed as to how much you can shit your pants when paddling again for the first time.. really puts things into perspective again. This drop was so easy, we didn't even have any probs running it but scouted it before and all! Funny when you think o…

  • Ridin'

    Some just can't relax for a sec. At least it makes for great entertainment ;D

  • Mr. Schmarzipants on a rainbow

    Last lifts yield empty parks - great setting, bad camera setting. gotta get back to those shots soon and play some with the grading..

  • Piz Ela 3338 m

    Beauty. One day I might actually go up there & do that classic Grischuna tour..

  • Burning Bimmer

    Some guys bimmer apparently went up in flames. Judged from the rather parked position on the emergency lane I suspect the driver did get out in time. We had a short stop here on our way into the weekend..


    in Daniels kitchen.

  • Anto mo Ninja, watashi mo Ninja!

    We are Design Ninjas!

  • Church of WHAT?

    Great name for a place like that! It was closed when we walked by, I'd really like to visit when in CGN next time..

  • A wealth of history

    Canadian heritage breathes through the construction of the classic wood/canvas canoe - once developed as a feasible solution to the looming extinction of birches large enough to manufacture the famous birchbark canoe. See big for more texture and some tas…

  • Quickie 80 Euro

    See original..

  • Waiting for some adventure climbing / Pfalz

  • Bowron Lake, the million dollar view

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