mahyongg's photos

  • Crax overview

  • Crax closeup

  • Shine a light.. cutting the crax open

  • A lot of holes..

  • Opening up crax

  • Stop-drilling the cracks

  • Marking out the cracks

  • Clean'er!

  • Starting out..

    After some scratching (3 evenings all in all) I finally had a somewhat clean surface to start with.. The scrapers I bought later would have helped here, a lot, especially the rounded one. Flat is nearly useless though.

  • Contemplating

  • A mix of hard- and softwoods

  • A not so nice place to be

  • Pegel Uhrzeit

    We though it was at 90 when we put in, where it already had 110 and rising.. so actually still not unmanageable, but everything funny was flush under water and the river got quite pushy & squirrely, which is what ultimately put us in survival rubberducky…

  • Buttboaters rushing through

  • I know a strainer when I see one

  • Full-on flow

  • ..and some nice fog

  • The strainer again

    mentioning this here b/c Cordula had a swim and she got out just 5m above it. Her boat did not get out before 30 minutes later, well not by itself it was rocked & pulled. Stupid situation, will go look when the waters gone how that bastard looks underneat…

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