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  • upside down

    I have seen prettier waterlines, but this is barely visible once the boat is in the water and depends on loading capacity as well. What I always found interesting with this kind of boat is, how people would be so astonished about the overall beauty of the…

  • Bow (?) glass failure

    The bow and stern should be re-glassed as well - sand out any old stuff, add a layer (or two if you like riding up on beaches) of bias-cut 163g glass on top of that, and you're done.

  • The inside with seats removed

    You can see the problem area just in the lower center.

  • The worst "issue"

    Judging by the width of one strip being about 3/4 of an inch, you can estimate the lenght of this.

  • A couple of tears in the inside glass fabric

    It's probably best to just laminate over the whole area, to strenghten it somewhat and prevent future tears like that from happening, instead of just re-glassing the single small areas where the rips occur. I would cut/sand out the "dirty" open glass fib…

  • Tear in the inside glass fabric

  • Bottom is covered in hard-wearing graphite-filled resin.

  • Rear seat is leather..

    for long trips, its better to take something else with you to cushion, since it can be quite rough on your butt

  • Gunwales...

    Need a little TLC - nothing spectacular though

  • Cherry carrying yoke

  • P1090027

  • Scratch in Carbon filled bottom finish

  • Nice stripper.

    Now what kind of people does that description lead to this page.. ah whatever ;D

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