Tiny programming adapter with spring-loaded pins

Replacement button

Replacement button

Now all I need is an easy way to power this thing.

Improved 3D viewr for KiCad

Since the BZR-4365 release, pcbnew (the layout part of KiCad) got an impressive quality upgrade to its 3D viewer. www.kicad-pcb.org

Coat-Button - latest incarnation (backside)

This board is now capable of single and dual color operation. In case of single color I can just populate the alternate 0603 footprints on the back side. That's easier than using the 0402s on the front.

Dual-color Coat Button variant

This one is just for the heck of it. I don't plan doing 0402 parts on a regular basis.

Wearable Electronics - A small coat button

Once connected to power using conductive thread, this little thing (just 18mm diameter) will blink / fade its LEDs. Switching between modes is done by shorting the two marked pins before powering up the device.

Single-color-LED Coat Button variant

Single-color-LED Coat Button variant - Demo

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