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  • Subway U55, Station Bundestag

  • Fence Illusion (285°)

    HFF to all friends and everyone visiting, enjoy the weekend

  • Tatoo Man - Der tätowierte Mann

    ...not to forget the piercings ;-)) Best on black and full screen

  • Patterns - Muster

    Kollhoff Tower, Berlin

  • Mesh - Netzwerk (3 x PIP)

    HFF - Have a nice weekend wherever you may be. Here in Germany we are in for a last touch of Summer. The Tetraeder in Bottrop: another challenge for Lothar )

  • Berlin, Central Station / Hauptbahnhof

  • Kuppel des Berliner Doms / Cupola of the Berlin Cathedral

    Samyang mFT 7,5 mm Fisheye

  • Rainy Day - Regentag (105°)

  • Züge ins Leben - Züge in den Tod

    Trains to Life - Trains to Death Memorial for the children who escaped the Holocaust by finding asylum in other European countries, Palestine and the USA and for those children, who were sent to the concentration camps and finally into the gas. For me…

  • Regierungsviertel / Government District - Spreebogen (330°)

    HFF to all ipernity friends. Enjoy the weekend and stay inside, if the weather is like today in Germany. Gone are the warm days with blazing sunshine like here during our Berlin meeting. Paul-Löbe-Haus and Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus: office buildings fo…

  • Hochhausbeleuchtung / Illuminating the Kollhoff-Tower

    Am Potsdamer Platz zwischen Kollhoff- und Bahn-Tower

  • Bundeskanzleramt / Chancellery

    Best on black

  • Solino

    Small restaurant in Berlin's "Nikolaiviertel" Best on black

  • (Mini)Festival Of Light - Oberbaumbrücke (180°)

  • Treppenhaus / Staircase (3 x PIP)

    Landgericht / District Court Berlin Samyang mFT Fisheye, f=7,5mm

  • Senk ju for träweling wis Deutsche Bahn!

    Muss ich das verstehen? / Do I have to understand this? Donnerstag geht die Agonie wieder los ;-)

  • Zeche Zollverein / "Zollverein" Colliery (4 x PIP inside)

    Schacht XII Gebäudeensemble / Shaft XII buildings ne_Industrial_Complex

  • Industrielandschaft / Industrial Landscape (270°)

    Best on black and full screen

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