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#1543 for ipernity homepage

Original: Photographer: Wanderphotograf The use of this edited picture for the purpose of presenting and promoting our association is in accordance with the Terms of Use, Article 5.10 Screenshot of our homepage with this picture:

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By Wanderphotograph

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Im Feuer geboren

Mal etwas anderes von mir. Nach dem trockenen Sommer hatte ich Lust endlich mal wieder mit dem Feuer zu spielen. Und wer errät, um welchen Edelstein es sich hier handelt?

By Team

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ipernity homepage with #1543

Approval and picture without lettering: To the viewer: This picture is intended to decorate the ipernity homepage, which is our flagship for casual visitors from the web. If you would like to support it with another motif, you are cordially invited. ▶️ Collection of already existing homepage pictures

By Luc Reiniche

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Bigoudis ...

By Erika Akire

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...the clock is running out soon...

...the title was different seven years ago...

By Ch'an

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Au loin.

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By aNNa schramm

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press Z -see on black

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By Siebbi

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Learning to fly (19.09.2023)

By Nicolas Mertens

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In Gargamel's Lab

© Nicolas Mertens. All Rights Reserved. Thank you, Peyo, for the unauthorized use of a Schtroumpf. More alchemical on black: press Z (or click the photo :)
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