Guesthus Duna, Hotel Room

Iceland - my first impressions

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Guesthus Duna, Hotel Room

In this room, I spent my first night in Reykjavik

Chevrolet Matiz

With this car, i drove around Iceland. It even made the 18% incline towards Borgarvirki

View from Perlan parking lot


Inside it, there is a restaurant (very expensive, IMHO), a self-service cafeteria (prices OK), a Viking museum (not very impressive, other museums in Iceland are much better, IMHO) and a hot water source (wow)

Hot water fountain in center of Perlan

"in-house geysir"

View from Perlan towards Hallgrimskirkja

When I took this picture, I first thought that my new camera was defective, because there were "steps" in the Hallgrimskirkja. Next day, I found out that the picture was correct.

View from Perlan

View from Perlan towards the first hot source I saw in Iceland

Laugavegur, Reykjavik

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