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  • astilleros2

  • down to the river

  • keep on moving !

  • urban sceneries - mannheim 2

  • Old Farm II

  • janela

    By Aixa

  • pequeno mundo

    By Aixa

  • Belle-dame, Vanessa cardui

    Belle-dame, Vanessa cardui (Lepidoptera/Nymphalidae) butinant sur Pittosporum tobira (Pittosporaceae)

  • Visite sur une fleur de pavot

    Papaver somniferum visité par un Oedemera nobilis mâle facilement distinguable de la femelle grâce à ses grosses cuisses

  • Sauge

    le bourdon Bombus hortorum (Hymenoptera/Apidae) butinant la Sauge, Salvia officinalis (Lamiaceae)

  • VI. Azaleenschau im Barockschloß Zuschendorf bei Pirna - 2012

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  • Rocky Beach

  • hands and more

  • Mother of Pearls

    These kind of clouds (called Mother of Pearls, or nacreous clouds) are very rare, but mostly to be seen on the northen part of the earth, in the middle of winter. These clouds are very colorful and beautiful. I have only seen these clouds two times in my…

  • La calle

    By Lola

  • the quiet girl

  • At the Waterfall

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