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  • pink dogwood in the morning light

    I got out the Pentax DA*55 lens, which I hadn't used in a while, for this shot. This was taken at f/1.6. The dogwoods at my place aren't blooming as much this year, for some reason. Maybe the harsh winter or late spring?

  • Shanequa in window

    Her favorite spring time activity... :)

  • Addy

    My little milk mustache kitty!

  • March snowfall

    This past week's snowfall, just a few days before spring. Hoping it's the last of the year, but they are calling for more snow on Tuesday. Ugh!

  • snowy chickadee

    Even though that little twig was in the way, I still really like this one for some reason. Chickadees are so adorable. :)

  • Shanequa's birthday

    Today Shanequa is six years old. :)

  • snowy Mama Kitty

    From last week's big snowstorm.

  • male cardinal in dogwood tree

    This guy was waiting his turn at some sunflower seeds in the snow below. More photos are posted at my Facebook page.

  • snowy driveway

    Let the melting begin!

  • nature's frozen gems

    I tried my hardest to get some snowflake photos yesterday. This is the best one I got. Probably 75% of my shots were out of focus. :)

  • “When you play, never mind who listens to you.” -Schumann

  • one of the last sunrises of 2013

    I woke up a little after 7am and saw an interesting color in the sky out of my window. I sprang from my bed and grabbed the camera and literally ran to the end of my driveway, not even stopping to take my coat. One minute after this was taken, the color…

  • taking a break from ipernity

    My Website Just wanted to let folks know that I'm taking a bit of a break. I'm just not very inspired at the moment and need some time to recharge batteries. I'm not sure if it'll be a week or a month, but I'll be back sooner or later. While I may not…

  • Mabry Mill on film

    One last photo of the mill for this year. This was taken with my Pentax MX film SLR and the D FA 50mm macro lens. It's a slightly different perspective than my other mill photos.

  • fading light

    It's funny how you see things differently once you start getting into photography. This little twig somehow caught my eye from across the yard. I liked how the light was hitting the leaves and the almost fiery glow from the fading sunlight behind them.

  • fading autumn

    It's so windy today that all the remaining leaves are surely on the ground. Goodbye, Autumn 2013.

  • her place in the sun

    Cats will always find a nice spot in the sun. Here, Shanequa found the last bit of morning sun on the corner of the bed.

  • Kimmy on film

    I recently picked up an old Pentax MX film SLR from KEH Camera. It's been challenging and fun learning how to shoot with film again. This is one of the first (and only) shots I've gotten so far that I actually like. :) This was shot with Kodak Portr…

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