P7010125-Bus on KKH

A short walk in the Karakorams, north-east Pakistan

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  • P7010125-Bus on KKH

    For an idea of scale, a tour bus is framed by Nanga Parbat (8125m, 9th highest peak in the world) in the background. It's one of the deadliest peaks in the world to climb, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanga_Parbat

  • P7010212 -People watching

    from the shophouses along the main street of Gamba Skardu

  • P7020278-Braldu River, Shigar Valley

    gateway to K2

  • P7020284-Little one with big eyes

    Children in Shigar village

  • P7020295-Schoolboys,Shigar valley

    his exuberance reminded me how free childhood can be-seems like a long time ago!

  • P7030318-3July-Porter

    I never knew his name but he was a sweet man, and picked a little bunch of flowers for us later in the trek.

  • P7030320-Porters awaiting their next hire

    I found that the Pakistani porters carried a maximum load of 25kg each, as opposed to Nepali porters, whose load can be up to a maximum 40kg load. They also seem better dressed, with better footgear. As trail conditions were riskier, I was glad they were…

  • P7030323-3July-Moving out!

    Heading out of Askole village on the first day of trekking proper.

  • P7030327-3July-View from Askole

    View from the path as we begin our trek

  • P7030349 Braldu Rapids

    The waters of the Indus and then the Braldu rivers were a thundering flow with impressive rapids, increasing as we headed upriver.

  • P7030365 Desert tomatoes?

    I wonder whether they're edible

  • P7030380-The Road Goes Ever On

    you can see the trek skirting the riverbank on the left foreground- at this point it's still easy going

  • P7030392-Porters' Shelter

    the stone bunkers which served as the porters' accommodation were surprisingly cosy once the tarps had been fixed up

  • P7030394-Porters' shelter

    Everyone's curious about the other

  • P7040403-4July-Moon on Mongo Groset

    early in the morning

  • P7040413-Voice in the wilderness

  • P7040431 Biaho riverbank, Paiju

  • P7040434-Dusk at Paiju camp

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