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  • First watermelon of the year

    And it was very tasty.

  • Two

    Eastern Tailed Blue couple on white clover.

  • With glowing wings

    A moth landed on the window which make for a good opportunity to view its underside.

  • On the move

    A snail makes its way slowly but surely.

  • Fat and sassy

    A very large and healthy earthworm I dug up when transplanting some irises.

  • Little slugger

    The big ones must still be hiding.

  • Bunny love?

    Well, that's what it looks like to me anyway.

  • Profile of the toad

    The concrete was nice and cool on this sweaty ass day.

  • Monday toad

    First of two toads seen in the yard today. The second one I didn't get very good shots of since the cat insisted on headbutting the camera.

  • Ladybug Pupa

    This is the 3rd stage in the life of the ladybug. An adult will emerge from this cocoon like structure.

  • Sweetbay II

    Since I took so many photos of these lovely flowers I'll have to post one everyday until done.

  • Martin condo

    Purple Martins are the largest North American swallow--and much revered. They nest in communities and multi dwelling nest boxes like this one are erected for them. Here, one comes out to the balcony to say hello.

  • Reserved

    For the bird of a thousand songs. Well, maybe not that many but lots. He was singing quite nicely here but once I switched over to video mode to catch him in action he flew away.

  • Sweetbay

    The flowers live up to the name, emitting a heavenly scent.

  • Fanning

    Northern Mockingbird walks along and spreads its wings--maybe trying to spook up some dinner. I don't know why they do this but it adds to their already interesting character.

  • Sidewalk sparrow

    A Chipping Sparrow showing off its lovely red head.

  • Summer Tanager-male

    I have been trying for weeks to get a decent shot of one of these. Finally, tonight I had him where I wanted him. Wouldn't you know it the battery light was flashing on my camera and the spare set was dead as well. Uhhh. Haha! You should see the coll…

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