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olympus om-2

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Olympus OM-2

Olympus OM-2
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OM-2 Body - with 2 case

36-100mm f/3.5 lens Cambron Multi-coated

135mm f/3.5 Olympus OM-System E.Zuiko Auto-T - with case

50mm f/1.4 Olympus OM-System g.Zuiko Auto-W-S - with case

28mm f/3.5 Olympus OM-System g.Zuiko Auto-W - with case

Vivitar No. 1 Close-up lens 49mm size

Vivitar No. 2 Close-up lens 49mm size

Vivitar No. 4 Close-up lens 49mm size

Case for all 3 Close-up lens

Olympus OM System Focusing screen

Vivitar Polarizong Filter 49mm

Vivitar Cross Screen Filter 49mm

Vivitar Skylight (1A) Filter 49mm

Olympus Quick Auto 310 Flash and Owners Manual

The Olympus OM-2 was an aperture priority,(with full manual available), automatic camera based on the successful OM-1 body. When it was introduced it added the convenience of automatic exposure to what was already acknowledged as one of the quietest and lightest SLR cameras on the market. All of the OM-1 accessories and lenses fit without modification, offering a robust photographic system which could be carried easily. Exposure calculation was unique thanks to the twin "blue cell" sensors which measured light reflected off a paint splatter-patterned surface on the lens side of the shutter for shutter speeds above 1/60 sec. The exposure was calculated from light reflected off the film surface during the actual exposure for shutter speeds below 1/60 sec. The camera also offered a manual light-meter mode,the same as in the OM-1's, and actually is the light meter the user sees in the viewfinder. The OTF metering (off-the-film) was the first ever,(the [Contax RTS] was second) The camera has stood the test of time and has both excellent quality and good value. A nice feature of the OM-2 was the integration of the two available electronic flash guns into the system. The camera set the duration and intensity of the flash during exposure using its inbuilt sensors and then measured the This ensured excellent results under difficult conditions. The cameras came in chrome or black.

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