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  • 7/23/13 | 72/365

    i'm feeling especially unwell. i haven't been taking care of myself and my health has been rapidly degenerating over the past 2 or 3 weeks even though i try to fight it and control it or pretend it's not happening. i am familiar with this but still not g…

  • 7/22/13 | 71/365

    does anyone know if having a third eye requires more calories?

  • 7/21/13 | 70/365

    can't be bothered.

  • 7/20/13 | 69/365

    i don't usually use the same doll as a model in such a short period of time these days... but the personal challenge for today's pic was to photoshop her looking "cute"... ...which was a problem, because i feel like no matter what you do with her, she's…

  • 7/19/13 | 68/365 | pondering

    rated 'M' because "OH MY GOD, FLICKR, HELP! IT'S A DEPICTION OF A NIPPLE SCULPTED FROM THE FINEST PLASTIC. LET ME FIND SOME PEARLS TO CLUTCH." in all seriousness though, i guess you could call it "being considerate to my contacts"... but as a general rul…

  • 7/18/13 | 67/365 | sicko


  • 7/17/13 | 66/365

    metaphor. lazy metaphor. sleep now.

  • 7/16/13 | 65/365

    "are you the real one?" "of course i'm the real one!"

  • 7/15/13 | 64/365

    the only person disappointed in you is you.

  • 7/14/13 | 63/365 | it's all the same

    need to start photographing/posting my 365 image in the morning/early afternoon and not the evening again. basically if i have any creative energy at all right now, i usually work best between 10~11am and 2~3pm... and i'm more likely to put in significan…

  • alan st john @ AB

    {x posted commentary} this doll belongs to snowgray (snowgray.beautywhite), her doll named Alan St John. please go to her personal photostream for more pics. ...and these two pics conclude all the *BJD* photos i have left from this meet. if you were wo…

  • aurora haugen @ AB

    {x posted commentary} this doll belongs to snowgray (snowgray.beautywhite), her doll named Aurora Haugen... i took a matching portrait of Anblar to complement this one but it came out too blurry, so just my luck. i was on pretty bad form for taking photo…

  • 7/13/13 | 62/365 | yaeba

    i feel totally dysfunctional today so i don't even know how i got out of bed but somehow i ended up reading a bunch of import Japanese hair/fashion magazines because of reasons.... this one model in a magazine had really crazy yaeba so i took a photo of…

  • 7/12/13 | 61/365


  • yvaine @ AB

    this doll belongs to amet (lostfrontier)~

  • chrisee V's buttercup @ AB

    thanks Sjaan for letting me know her name~ Buttercup belongs to ChriseeV.

  • sofie @ AB

    this doll belongs to snowgray (snowgray.beautywhite)

  • sofie & samantha @ AB

    these dolls belong to snowgray (snowgray.beautywhite)

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