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  • Wheel 850

    Big wheel by day of 850 years of Moscow. Height of 73 meters. Today the big wheel is indispensable attribute of many parks of entertainments.

  • Farris Wheel

    Seems everyone has a picture of a Farris Wheel in his portfolio. Don't know why, but I don't wanna miss the chance with it =) (Ok, the true story behind it... I have to admit: the picture could be better somehow. My girlfriend told me of this fair near h…
    By -mcb

  • Photo-018

  • Bloody Mary

    Meet Mary.. a young romanian artist.

  • burn, baby burn

    The best thing to do with a guitar? Burn ... ;-) Seen on friday, the "Kiss Coverband" Kissin' Time ... Great music, great show ... what else to say ... ;-)

  • Trash the dress

  • elegant Wolfi

    (on black :-)

  • Schwimmen macht nass

  • DSC01369


  • Chris' E-Bass

    Hängt im TFP-Studio an der Wand und wartet auf Benutzung ;-) Habe es verkleinert und mehr Kontrast hinein gegeben. Das Foto ist übrigens nicht S/W und es sind sogar Dreiecke drin ;-)

  • light and music

  • Sophie

    while making a promo video for PhotoNight vimeo.com/39645203

  • Marelie

    This is my wife Marelie, and this is taken one month ago in our honeymoon The place is Sipaway Island Philippines

  • Grinsebacken

    ;-) ;-)

  • bubbles

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