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1939 New York World's Fair

This is public domain home movie footage I downloaded from the Prelinger Archive and set to music.

The show kicks off with an underwater exhibit of Salvador Dali's "surrealistic" swimsuits (which pre-date similar "topless" designs by Rudi Gernreich by many years).

, , Matthäus Felder have particularly liked this photo

 Matthäus Felder
Matthäus Felder
people were having a wonderful time
14 years ago.
 LC Gundo
LC Gundo
Yes. Except for Olga.
14 years ago.
 Jallen Dragonhide
Jallen Dragonhide
Ok, so, not being able to hear...

Was the last part, a bunch of women in bikinis sitting in a zoo enclosure as an exhibit??

Wow... This is crazy stuff considering when it was done... and part of world's fair??!!

We're so tame in 2008.
14 years ago.
 LC Gundo
LC Gundo
First of all, you missed nothing. The film is silent. I just added music that more or less fit.

Yes the last part was women in extremely small clothes on display in what can only be described as a zoo exhibit. But I think it was presented ostensibly as a colony of "artists' models" who are available for "artists" to sketch or photograph, or for "non-artists" to gawk at--you know, to culturally enrich the public. Non-artists at last had the opportunity to experience what is is like to be an artist and have hot babes pose for you--or so it was touted.
13 years ago.

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